About the World Alliance of Dance Movement Therapy

The WADMT is an international non-profit organization with representatives across the world, bringing together dance movement therapy associations and individuals interested in developing the profession, to support and inspire one another.

The name WADMT (World Alliance for Dance Movement Therapy) has been chosen to reflect current modest aspirations to promote dance movement therapy around the world by connecting all those interested, including practitioners, academics and associations.

WADMT goals are to promote health, wellbeing and creativity across the world, by promoting dance movement therapy globally.


World Alliance of Dance Movement Therapy

Steering Group: The steering group is meeting quarterly to develop processes required for operations of an effective organisation, including membership and options for sharing information.

Dr. Kim Dunphy


Convenor 2017-2018 and Australasian representative


University of Melbourne, Australia, and President, DTAA



Dr. Dita Federman


Middle-East representative


University of Haifa, Israel



Dr. Tony Yu Zhou


Asian representative


Inspirees Institute/CAET journal, China


Dr. Diana Fischman


South American representative


Dance Movement Therapy Training Program, Argentina





Amber Elizabeth Gray

North American representative

Director, Restorative Resources, USA


Dr. Vincenzo Puxeddu

European representative

Co-director, Master Program in Dance Therapy, René Descartes University, Paris, President, EADMT.


      Proposed activities for the group

      currently being discussed include:

  • support and promotion of the profession, especially in areas where there is not yet an established association;
  • exchange of information and collaboration between DMT professionals internationally;
  • special projects including collaborative research.

Membership is expected to be open to all who are interested, from national associations, to training programs, practitioners, students, and other individuals associated with dance movement therapy. The group is currently working on a research project to document the current state of the profession of DMT internationally. Findings will be presented at the ADTA Conference in October 2018.

2nd WADMT Online meeting

August 16th, 2018

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